How to Get Rid of Dandruff on the Skin and Beauty

How to Get Rid of Dandruff on the Skin and Beauty

It is against nature to flaunt unwanted hair on the skin, but in some cases, the problem of hair depilation is complicated by the presence of dandruff. It is a kind of fungus-like problem present on the scalp.

Pityriasis congentialis is an aesthetically unacceptable condition wherein falling hairs are produced by the skin. However, the extent of the problem differs from person to person. Most of the people do not bother about it much as it is quite easy to tackle, but certain problems such as itching, redness and scaling of the scalp at the scalp are always present. Giving rise to it are various types of hair related problems.

The various types of dandruff are as follows:

aceous dysentery – the most common and also the most stubborn of all dandruffs. It is induced by the excessive dryness of the scalp, but also other factors such as sweating, stress, nausea, or illness.

ntilzone – it is similar to a blisters and may appear quite easily on the skin. It is not very contagious and easily dealt with by the dermatologist. How to Get Rid of Dandruff on the Skin and Beauty

ulcerations – these are pinkish or purplish on the skin and changes in the consistency of the skin are observed more than in other types of dandruffs.

How to Get Rid of Dandruff on the Skin and Beauty

The various Treatments for Dandruff

The most common and available treatments for dandruff are as follows:

• cortisone therapy – this is the most recognized and accepted treatment. The effects of the medication are based on reducing the level of the active substance, which stimulates the secretion of the physician intended amount of shedding of the dead cells present on the skin.

• shampoos containing selenium – products such as Head and Shoulders or later sulfate-containing shampoos are very effective in reducing the level of the active substance in the scalp.

• special shampoos for dandruff – you have to be very careful in using these products as they may, in certain cases, increase the dandruff intensity. You can ask your doctor for the prescription if you are facing any difficulty in using these products.

• thermolysis – this is a dandruff treatment that involves the use of very fine wires for transmitting heat to the scalp. If done in professional setting, it will take considerable time to achieve the desired effect. Thermolysis is slow, but, again, it is not permanent.

• hair regrowth inhibitors – if you are really struggling to get rid of the problem, you can approach a physician, who will prescribe a prescription shampoo for dandruff. These will slow down the destruction of the scalp cells, thus exerted control.

• pulling back – this is a somewhat painful process, which is alternate between, and mainstay in the treatment of dandruff. The doctor should be cautious before proceeding with this procedure, as it may create setbacks.

Pilla Alba or Flax Seed Oil Treatment How to Get Rid of Dandruff on the Skin and Beauty

Pilla Alba or Flax Seed Oil is one of the best natural therapies as it does not leave any substance on the skin which can cause rash or irritation. It is very effective in reducing dandruff. Flax seed oil is rich in lauric acid and thus it retains the better condition of the hair and scalp.

•rition – if you want to use this oil to reduce dandruff, you must incorporate the use of flax seed oil in your diet. The improved health of the scalp and hair may lead to the decrease of dandruff.

•frequency – you must vary the application of this oil to your scalp according to the cycle of your hair growth. There should be applied oil sting the minute you wash your hair, and it may be better to apply this at night when your hair is not wet.

•unctures and cuts – there are certain instances when tooth or nail scissors or spatulas applied in the scalp region may lead to cuts or abrasion.