Tanning Bed Bulbs and Lamps

A Guide to Tanning Bed Bulbs and Lamps

Tanning bed lamps are the lamps used in every kind of tanning bed. When looking to purchase either a new or used tanning bed, it is important to look at the lamps. Some things to consider when are that they are waterproof, that they meet certain tanning bed warranty conditions, and that they are of the right voltage for your bed.

If you are in the market for tanning bed bulbs, there are a few things that you should remember. Not every bulb is the same, so look into the plate width, the color, and the voltage. While it is simple to replace the bulbs at home, it is important to have them checked by a qualified tanning salon technician to ensure that they are of the right voltage, and that they are worth the cost.

Tanning bed bulbs differ in plate width from home bulbs to accommodate the lamp life span of the bed. Some beds have 100-watt bulbs, while others have 160-watt bulbs. If you want to know how much power each type of bulb has, you can use this simple formula:

100 watt bulbs (1.5 ohms) = 100 watts (15 hundred watts).

160 watt bulbs (1.5 ohms) = 160 watts (300 hundred watts).

Tanning Bed Bulbs and Lamps

You will probably hear these bulbs called “1.5 watt tanning bed bulbs”. When you are using a tanning bed, these bulbs are important to replace because they supply the red and infrared rays that help you tan. 160 watt bulbs are excellent for helping you stay dark and give you a nice, deep tan. However, if you are tanning at home, you may not need to replace them all. If you are using a tanning bed for the first time, start with the No. 1 bulb and add the others as you go. If you are Here of the money to keep your tanning bed, you should replace all of the bulbs when they are only tablespoons. Tanning bed bulbs last around 500 hours. Thinning or spare bulbs last around 200 hours.

Using sunscreen when tanning is also important. Sunscreen helps your skin absorb the UV, or Ultraviolet light. Sunscreen also helps prevent sunburn, wrinkling, and skin cancer. There are two types of sunscreen: physical and chemical. physical sunscreen overlooks the fact that when combined with other ingredients, physical sunscreens can actually produce more of the harmful UV rays. Chemical sunscreens look like the regular sunscreens but are made to reflect light away from the skin. When looking for a sunscreen, make sure that you consider how it will protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Make sure that the sunscreen type you choose can be easily gained from the products you already have at home. Tanning Bed Bulbs and Lamps

Looking for tanning bed supplies is as simple as going to any drug store of grocery store and asking the appropriate sales clerk about the equipment. Once you have the right sunscreen, some basic supplies like tanning bed cleaner, tanning bed pillows, and extra bulbs to replace, are essentials. For example, all salon tanning beds require tools to maintain them. You can find these tools at high end tanning salons. For the best selection, check out a shop with a wide variety of beds and pillows. The difference between a home tanning bed and a tanning salon tanning bed can be huge. urchinning bed cleaning supplies can be purchased to keep the bed in great shape. Tanning Bed Bulbs and Lamps

If you are looking for the best tanning bed supplies, go online and check out Tanning Network. They have a huge assortment of tanning bed supplies available and it is so large you will probably need cassettes to tape them to your new beds. Their website is great and will help you decide which supplies you need to have.

They also give financing options available to those who purchase tanning bed supplies from their website. This is a service that is well worth the small investment, because you will be able to enjoy the benefits of financing.

When choosing the right tanning bed supplies, go for quality and value. You don’t want to keep buying the same supplies year after year. With tanning bed supplies you can be sure that you are improving your beds every year. This will help you to continue to enjoy your tanning bed for years to come. There is simply no reason for you to pass up the chance of improving your tanning bed’s performance year after year. Simply put, you need high quality tanning bed supplies to get the best tan, and that’s not as hard as it sounds.